About us


‘An abode of quality organic ingredients’ – this sentence is enough to sum up what Vantage Organic Foods Private Limited is about. We have been the leading suppliers of certified organic ingredients to importers, manufacturers and distributors all over the globe for the last two decades. Our vast range of ingredients includes grains, dry edible beans, oilseeds, vegetable oils, flour and much more. Primarily based in Jaipur, Vantage has a huge and loyal client base throughout the world owing to its quality products and impeccable services. We are a firm that strives to provide the safest and healthiest organic foods to its customers along with being an organization that believes in keeping the environment safe and clean.


We are essentially the producer, manufacturer and bulk supplier of organic ingredients. Vantage organic foods is working with small farmer groups under the supervision of our agricultural experts and as per the regulations and standards decided by certification agencies in India as well as internationally. Our team of organic scientists and experts work along with the farmers to produce organic ingredients that are certified, healthy and chemical-free. From production to packaging of organic products, each activity at Vantage Organic Foods is conducted according to the rules and regulations defined by the organic certification authorities.

The supply of our organic ingredients is done via our extensive network around the globe. Our partners all over the world assure a hassle-free delivery of organic ingredients to our clients; we have a team of committed professionals that enable us to serve a broad spectrum of services to our customers conveniently. An association with Vantage Organic Foods will give you an access to the healthiest organic ingredients in addition to prompt and timely services.


Vipul Gupta, the CEO and founder of Vantage Organic Foods (P) Limited is responsible for managing the routine activities at Vantage Organics. With an experience of over 10 years in the organic industry, his relentless efforts have brought our company at par with the best organic suppliers of the world in such a short span of time. From organic project identification to sourcing organic ingredients; from cooperative organic farming ventures to communication strategies; from intensive market study to certification procedures; his areas of expertise are phenomenally diverse and has helped Vantage Organics to progress in leaps and bounds in the past few years. His constant guidance and support has motivated the entire team at Vantage Organics to give their best in every activity and to play their roles efficiently.


To work ceaselessly with commitment and to build strong partnerships- Vantage Organic aims at rendering quality services and products to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with supreme quality organic ingredients at competitive prices. Here, at Vantage Organics, we realize the significance of a healthy lifestyle and do our utmost to contribute in this respect.

Our relationship with our organic farmers is based on trust and cooperation and we leave no stone unturned to help them gain a reasonable price for their produce. We aspire to improve the lives of people associated with Vantage Organics in every way possible. We also possess awareness about our social duties and responsibilities as an organization. The techniques and schemes adopted at Vantage Organics are environment-friendly and safe. From production to supply, we ensure that all our business activities keep our atmosphere clean and green.


Customer Satisfaction - At Vantage Organics, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We leave no stone unturned to provide them with the organic products of their choice in the required time.

Commitment to Quality – We follow a strict quality control procedure in every small phase of the production process. The quality management at Vantage is stringent and according to the prescribed standards.

Integrity – The team at Vantage Organics attaches utmost importance to work ethics and we work with loyalty and integrity for rendering quality organic ingredients to our customers.

To provide a quality life to small farmers – We constantly make efforts in providing a better life to the small farmers in India, especially Rajasthan.

Innovative Techniques – Our quest is to develop some innovative production and farming techniques that can take the growth of organic industries to new heights.

An eco-friendly approach – Each activity at Vantage Organics is guided by the goal to protect our environment from hazardous substances.


We envisage a clean and green world; a world devoid of any harmful components; a world where mankind eats healthy and stays healthy.

We aim to improve the quality of life of the small farmers in various parts of India. We desire to make these small farmers earn their lost respect in the society thus reforming them economically as well as socially.

We aim to build a business model based on sustainable farming. Sustainable farming is the key to save our environment from the growing hazards and a business model based on this kind of farming can benefits the society, on the whole


Apart from our role as organic producers, we are fully aware about our social responsibilities. At Vantage Organics, we are committed to make this society a healthy society to live in. We always adopt eco-friendly techniques in our production process and provide our customers with healthy organic ingredients. We procure our resources from the small farmers of Rajasthan and ensure that they lead a life with better amenities and improved conditions. At Vantage, we never neglect our responsibilities towards the safety of this environment and all our efforts are diverted into this direction, be it procuring organic resources or producing organic ingredients.